The Shift

This page is going to be an ongoing journal / chronicle of sorts highlighting the events that transpired in 2017 that drastically changed the path of my life forever.

There was so much shit that went down last year; I really need to just get it all out there. It’s very personal but I feel it will help me & give some insight to my customers of my carpet cleaning business that I walked away from after 15 years in the business.

It would be simple if it were just one or two events that transpired that caused me to change my career, but the sheer number of events that took place was in itself an event that as a whole I had to take into consideration.

Now, this will probably end up being the length of a novel, so don’t feel too inclined to read. Getting everything out and documented is something I feel I need to-do to help me continue to progress down this seismic shift in the way I live my life.

I believe that the changes I’ve made will be for the better, especially considering that if I continued to work the hours & deal with the stresses that boiled over last year, I don’t think I would be a live right now.

That said, my mid-life crisis has also had a profound effect on my wife. How couldn’t it? We’re a team & she is the most loving person I have ever met. Bottom line: she’s awesome. I hate the thought of the stresses I caused her last year after my initial meltdown in May that snowballed into all out hopeless despair in the fall.

Katie has been there the whole time and often doing her best to deal with the impossible situation that was me.

The silver lining though is a book. One that would change her path & solidify my confidence in the choice I made to walk from our business & venture down a new path. With endless possibilities for what we can do as a team, it doesn’t matter where we end up because in the end, all that matters is that we’ll be there together…


…to be continued