2020-11-12: …Another Day and Another Fulvio II Temper Tantrum, Bricks and Signs Thrown

Ugh…Will this ever end. 🙁 So yesterday morning I decided to put a note on the giant bolder the Fulvio’s placed right on the property line so 3/4 of it sits on my property and 1/4 of it sits on theirs.

The note was simple enough, and just stated that unless the rock, which I named ‘Brando’s Rock’, is moved, it will be painted by an anonymous graffiti artist.

Now, if possession is 9/10ths the law and 3/4 of the rock is on my property, I would technically own roughly 67.5% of said rock.

Some may see this a just an act to provocation but to those I say, isn’t placing the boulder directly on the property line to begin with also an act of provocation?

All I did was tape a notice on said rock, with mailing tape, which left no residue and is easily removable. It’s not something that weighs as much as 3 elephants that only heavy duty machinery or one strong ass dude could move.

Nope, just a simple note. Removable with 1 hand…really just 2 fingers. Stating that if the rock continues to occupy space on my property, I will proceed with decorating my portion of it as I see fit. What else would they expect me to do with the rock they so generously placed on my property?

Kidding aside, the move didn’t warrant more destruction of my property cause that’s exactly what happened. I really thought they would just rip the note down and maybe call for some more ‘regulation’ to be placed on me. I didn’t think it would trigger Fulvio II to have another another temper tantrum and go on a property destruction free for all.

That’s what happened. This dude comes home, sees note, rips note off, crumples up, throws onto my property (again, I expected this of them, did I think they’d actually move the rock…no), he then proceeds to rip up my hand painted ‘No Trespassing / Video surveillance’ sign and wing it into the brush. (Far enough so it’s actually on our other neighbors property).

Then he walks down the driveway and gets his mail and then proceeds to walk back up the driveway. I think he saw me and my buddy in my main driveway since we were unloading a bunch of vintage Model T engine parts that I offered to store in an area in my garage since he ran out of room in his shop.

So as were unloading, Fulvio II comes back down the driveway 1-2 minutes later and proceeds to rip up my ‘No trespassing / Video Surveillance’ sign that I had placed towards the end of the driveway and chucks it into the ditch in front of my house.

My buddy Scott told me that he threw something towards the ditch. I just assumed it was the note I put on the rock. What ever, no biggy I thought. Later I

Well after my buddy leaves, I head inside to take a gander at the camera feeds and play back the footage from a few minutes prior to download the clip of him throwing the note in the ditch. You really shouldn’t litter ya’ know, and that’s when I see that he didn’t throw the note in the ditch, he ripped up my sign and threw it in the ditch.

He wasn’t done yet either. About a half hour later he can be seen pacing around his truck, almost looks like he’s contemplating what he’s inevitably going to do. Then finally goes for it.

Fulvio II proceeds to venture behind me shop…I knew exactly what he was doing, he was ripping up all my bricks that I laid so reinforce the ground behind my shop and help mitigate erosion. I could tell from the shadows cast that hes was just flailing.

I headed out there with one of my cameras rolling, but got half way to the shop and decided to turn around. This dude was having a fit, and my wife wasn’t home yet so I didn’t have anyone to call 911 if this dude went after me.

So I waited out in front of the house until my wife got home, gave her an quick description of the situation and we proceeded to head in side in go into lock down mode.

We were contemplating calling the police, but Kate had a rough day because of a customer leaving a scathing review for the bank on Facebook, I didn’t have all the clips from the DVR downloaded, and we are meeting with our attorney on Monday.

So we decided to just leave it be for now.

But once again I find myself dwelling over 20/20 hindsight and regretting that decision after walking over to the shop after Fulvio II left this morning and seeing the amount of destruction that this asshole left in his wake.

I’m going to record a screen cast where I go over the video and I will post some stills to this blog entry later on today.

Just wanted to get this written and that screen-cast recorded so I can upload the ‘evidence’ to YouTube.

Hope everyone else is having better luck with their neighbors,

– Brando

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