2020-11-08 – Harassed by the Fulvio(s) Again

Well another day another round of harassment towards me & Kate. We’ve spend the weekend working around shop because the weather was beautiful and I’m suppose to have most of my vehicles gone by Tuesday (11/10/2020), because they called the town zoning officer on me. Which, was actually a good thing because I’ve been wanting to get rid of the old carpet cleaning trucks for a while now.

With a stretch of weather in October that just seemed to rain, and given the fact that at the beginning of the month I was subject to horrendous accusations by them…well I really didn’t feel like going over to my shop to work on vehicles.

And what happens when I do go over there to work. Fulvio II comes up to me & Kate saying that we must remove our signs that are on our property and that they plan on putting gavel down on the driveway. Which they have no right and even if they did, they plan on doing it with out any sort of notice or say as to what they think they can do to my property.

I basically said that’s not going to happen and I sent an email to their lawer on Friday, which Fulvio flat out denied, but I have server logs that prove it.

I let them know that I will do everything in my power to prvent them from unlawfully modifying my land and that includes lying down in the driveway if need be. He said he would run me over, which is a fair response to the extremes I will go to.

As he walks away, Fulvio I appears at the top of the driveway yelling: ‘get ready for more regulation comming your way!’

Back in October, I have him on video saying almost the say thing when he said: ‘Any time you talk, we’re going to throw some more regulation at you.’ Implying that I must not mutter a sound or else they’ll call any agency they can think of to try. Which is a for of harasment given that everything except for the vehicles has been fabricated and they are also taking these departments away from things that are of actual importance and could be responding to.

More to come, I just wanted to jot this down while it’s fresh and don’t have time to record any videos since It’s 4:40AM and I’m heading out to the shop now to work.

Author: Brando

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