Tech Mis-Information Callout Log

Technology Mis-Information Callout

If you or content you created makes this list, congratulations! … Your part of the problem, so improve your contributions or get the fuck out!


Ongoing list of all the of instances of ambiguity and mis-information that I find during my continuing education in the many sub-fields of IT. I believe that these taken, not individually but as a whole, shed light on a fundamental problem that is plaguing the tech industry at its core


Every single day, in almost every document or webpage I read, I find discrepancies and/or just plain wrong information on how to use a given system in a given tech stack. These instances cause the ever increasing cancer that is consuming IT to grow even more instead of providing concise documentation or otherwise provide valid incite.


Making this is NOT something to be proud of.


Where shall we begin…

I guess I’ll just start listing references to misinformation I come accross as they happen and give them a Date/TimeStamp. I’ll do this until I come up with a better way to list the many references I come across…there will be many.



    answer mentions changing vmlinuz.efi to vmlinux, but in the example configuration, the correct setting is: vmlinuz.
    Mentioning vmlinux in the description is wrong and should be fixed.


    Guy mentioned something to power down server to replace railed drive in array, turns out this will increase the chances of having the array fail
    Comment from a more knowledgeable user is lower on page, scr

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