My New Hipster-Dipster-Rant Category

I just created a category on my friendly little blog that will highlight the absolute suckieness of(or is it suckyness?)…well… anyone younger than me God Dammit! Because they don’t know what there doing.

Oh, and the worlds also going to absolute shit.

So yeah, so this is a place for happy, sunshine and rainbows type of posts disguised as a negative, dark, end of the world type dramatic  bitch-fest.

This category will be a place where I post my many rants about these young “whipper snapper hipsters” and how the younger generation is a bunch of lazy good for nothin’s…All though, hasn’t that always been the case through out history? Yes, I’m a self-aware grumpy old opinionated middle-aged bastard.

Author: Brando

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