A Spontaneous Improv Jam That Wasn’t Terrible

So I’ve been going through some videos of various guitar practice jams that I have recorded over the past year looking for ‘Riff Nugets’ and I found a recent video that was recorded on June 24th 2018 and it was one of the 1st times I was suprised by my playing.

I’m very modest when it comes to my playing & I don’t consider myself all that great, but this evening I was on & there’s definitely some sections that will make their way to finished songs.

I’ve decided to post the video on YouTube, albeit with some hesitation, because it is just a spontaneous improv practice jam and I do mess up with a couple sour notes and the middle part I was struggling with the scale and various runs at the higher end of the fret board.

But I do want to start showing various things I’ve been working to improve this past year.

So here’s the link. Try not to be too critical.


Author: Brando

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