Got Let’s Encrypt Working with 1&1 Domain using Digital Ocean droplet & name server

Well after days of research with a little bit of trial & error, I got one of my domains to work over HTTPS & even got it working with a sub domain using Apache Virtual Hosts.

I documented the whole process since every tutorial I found had slight discrepancies. Although, has anyone ever followed a tutorial step by step & had it work right out of the box without having to adapt to your situation or circumstances?

I hope my walk through will helpĀ  someone else out. I’ve been back into IT for the past 12 months after a 10-11 year hiatus so some of the material I felt should have been included with the tutorials I found online may just be my failure to not have the full foundation of web server fundamentals.

I’m willing to accept that & continue to improve, but it can’t hurt including a couple details that helped me grasp everything that I configured & not just follow a tutorial but understand the why & how things work.

I’ll leave you with this little quote / statement I came up with that reflects some of the challenges I’ve had during this past year of re-transitioning into the IT field.

“The two most illusive answers on anything IT related are to the questions of why & how anything works.”

-Brandon Reilly

Author: Brando

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