Some History

Update 2020-09-20: I’m currently backing up 2 years worth of various security cam footage to youtube that has captured just how bad neighbors can be. It all came to a head 2 weeks ago when my suspicious were proven to be correct and in the heat of the moment the 2 Fulvio’s accidentally told the truth: their goal from the get go has always been to force us to move so they can secure an isolated piece of land by trying to ‘railroad us in legal fees’ (their own words).

My intuitions hinted at this scenario over the past year and a half but them explicitly stating their intentions meant that I need to protect my and my wife’s rights and property and to let the world know how this situation has unfolded and escalated to the point of no return.

We’re standing up to bullies and will not let them force us out just because they claim to have endless resources and lawyers on speed dial.

Check out the first short clip I choose to upload that showcases neighbor throwing a temper tantrum and ripping up a barrier I had put in place to prevent them from using my land that sits outside the easement boundry.

More to come very soon, but in the mean time, check out my YouTube channel that is documenting all that has transpired so far in this un-provoked and undesirable battle for our home we find our selves in.




My name is Brandon Reilly & I wanted to create a personal blog site that will talk about other topics outside the realm of my business tech blog but will also have a lot of overlap since developing software does take up a majority of my time & I have plenty to say about things I observe in the industry along with ranting about other challenges in life along with hipsters because…wait…do I really need a reason!?!

Anyway, some may take the tone of some posts as bitchin’. Your probably right… but I don’t like that descriptor because how else can someone express frustrations with a industry of hypocrisy, piss poor technical documentation or any other topic without coming off as bitchin’?

Yes people will say: ‘suck it up buttercup!’ , which is fine but if your going to post any comments or feedback, please try to post something that adds value to the discussion. Keep in mind that I’m reasonable & my rants usually involve a valid case that I feel needs to be discussed.

I am also human & as such I realize that I might be mis-informed, mis-understood or just flat out wrong in my point of view. So keep that in mind if discussing any of my points of view. I will listen to other’s thoughts & ideas on any given subject…provided they’re not a worthless uneducated troll that is just wasting my time.

I really just want a platform to express some frustrations about tech, business, my former family and basically anything in life that I have an honest opinion about. Since this type of content doesn’t belong on a commercial business site, I felt here would be the best place.

PS. I take data privacy seriously. There is a reason I’m not on any social networks. Outside my tendency to be anti-social (character flaw) I just want to have absolute control over my content. Since I own this site and pay for my own servers, this is the perfect way for me to post content & have complete control over that content.

Thanks for checking my site out,

Brandon Reilly